“I was very driven to obtain my degree in four years, and uh, receive an active duty commission…I really wanted an opportunity to serve.” –Andrew Watson                                                



“In Class in Uniform” is an oral history project conducted by the Shared History Program at the University of Nevada Reno.  Its goal is to compile and share accounts of Veterans who have experienced not only the rigor of military culture, but the profound impact of academic culture.  This website seeks to share an unexplored facet of the Veteran’s experience.

Military Insignia

Please view the pages bellow to explore the pillar aspects of this project:

(1)   Passion– This section focuses on the opportunities provided to soldiers and their motivation to  join the military.  Many of the interviewees suggested that the ability to receive an education was a driving force in their choice to join.  This section will also cover aspects of the interviewees military specialties and the ways in which these occupations translated into their subsequent careers.

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(2)  Purpose-This section explores veteran’s experience while in school.  Either in a military academy, before service, or after service.  The GI bill and its history will be more completely defined on this page.

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(3)  Persistent Action– The military and academic achievements of the interviewed veterans are highlighted. Interviewees suggested that their academic experience and success was directly influenced by their involvement with the military.


Jim Ellis candidly discusses his experience with WWII vets who returned to school on the GI Bill.  His experience, while from the perspective of a citizen, sheds light on the way in which veteran students were viewed during the 1940s.


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