In Class and in Uniform is an oral history project developed and sponsored by the Shared History Program, a part of the University of Nevada’s Department of History.  The project will explore the military and educational experiences of veterans and ROTC students, with students and veterans conducting interviews.  Both the academy and the military are complex subcultures.  The oral histories gathered for In Class and in Uniform will focus on the participants’ experiences of these two worlds:  life in the military and as college students.

The goals of the project are multi-faceted:  It is important to document a significant, but understudied aspect of the lives of military veterans and students.  With this project there is also a potential to develop a research archive to preserve the military and academic knowledge of those individuals who have experienced both.  Students working on the project have designed and developed a physical exhibit in museum cases in Mack Social Science on the University of Nevada, Reno campus, as well as this virtual online exhibit, showcasing the information gathered during the oral history interviews.





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