The interface between the military and academic lives of our interviewees was a mixture of necessity and passion.  They shared their insight and their reasons behind joining the military and participating in academic scholarship.  Through these interviews the listener can deeply grasp the implications of the intersection between the two cultures.


USMA Color Guard on Parade 

Patrick Murphy, in his dissertation on Military Veterans and College Success suggests that,  “Motivation to enter the military is mixed, but the primary reasons may be attributed to the lack of financial capability to pay for college upon completion of high school coupled with a sense of patriotism.”(1)  This idea is overwhelmingly  true in many of the conducted interviews found bellow. Passion for both their education and their country was and is a driving force for many veterans.  This is so, because military service allows for a flexible route to education and the GI Bill assists veterans in reintegration efforts.

  • Jeff Copeley shares his experience and passion for the military.  He discusses a number of issues,from his career path in the military, to his experience with the GI Bill and other military funding.  Access his full interview Here.

 Clip 1- Motivation behind Joining the Military

Clip 2-Career Choices


  • Andrew Watson discusses his passion for military service and education in this interview.  He discusses his education at UNR and his experience in ROTC in this clip. Access Andrew’s full interview Here.

         Clip 1-Education and Military Endeavors 


  •  Kristina discusses her passion for education.  She suggests that her interest in college was driven out of a sense that UNR was “home”.  Her father and grandfather were both distinguished professors on campus and Kristina discusses their influence on her decision to attend school before and after her military service.

Clip 1


This passion, however, did not always develop before entrance into military service.  Several interviewees discussed the implications of joining the military without a structured career plan.  These interviews explore the importance of the GI Bill and military life in developing future education and career goals.

  •  Samantha Szesciorka discusses her passion for broadcast journalism and the reason that developed through her military service.
  • Shane Klestinski joined the military immediately after high school and developed a passion for education after he returned.  His experience sheds light on the many reasons that people join the military, the way that education stems out of that military career and how passion for education is developed.

Clip 1-Thoughts on Education before and During His Time in the Military

Clip 2-Education at UNR and Career Development 



The paths described above act as a tool to explore the interface between military and college life.  They are not intended to be an exhaustive study of the avenues by which veterans receive their education, but an exploration of these two aspects of individual development.  Passion plays a role in each and in each interview acts as a development of career and educational goals either before entrance into military service, during service, or after service.